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October 2003 Newsletter


The 10th Annual Bosman Event - October 2003



The scientist invented the aeroplane,

But man was created from the poets brain

H.C. Bosman


What is human existence and wherein does its poetry lie?

These seem to be the questions incumbent on the poet within us to address. And this work constitutes the Ars Magna, the aim and highest attainment of art. The poets leave clues along the way, the old skins moulted in the process of metamorphosis.


Human sensations are he earths awareness of herself.

The only adequate return we can make to Nature for giving us birth!

John Cowper Powys


A poor life this if, full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare

W.H. Davies


Poetic principle a simple, obstinate belief in miracle :

an asseveration of personal independence against all collective

codifications of thought and behaviour.

Robert Graves


Human existence is perpetually being forgotten by man,

and thus the novelists discoveries, however old they may be,

will never cease to astonish us

Milan Kundera.


Since the first modest efforts of a handful of locals 10 years ago, the Bosman event has now become the property of an all-embracing range of enthusiastic people, all contributing to a dazzling epeirogenesis already inaugurated by Bosman more than half a century ago.


Africa is pure art.

The continent itself is the expression of a complete fantasy

H.C. Bosman


And this is also what we understand by the Good Life a probe, a journey of discovery ; as opposed to the Easy Life made fashionable by the push buttons and glossy life style commodities of technological invention.


So back to the weekends events that exceeded our expectations in all respects.


If in any way we inadvertently contributed to making things less comfortable or even irksome for someone, we very much regret that, and beg forgiveness.


Our sole aim was to share those things with you that we ourselves have a passion for and towards which we possess an unbending loyalty.


Our only other regret as hosts is that, in being occupied in keeping things on track, we could not share more of those precious leisurely moments with our interesting and beautiful guests.


The welcome change in weather on Sunday ( we had our last rain in January 2003 ) did serve to impair the latter part of our programme somewhat.


Then again, it did not seem to have a dampening effect on the spirits of those ( the majority) , who were determined to see it through.


Our artists had to contend with insistent , enthusiastic applause from the audience ( but even more so from the deafening downpour on the tin roof); and the summing up and discussion part of the programme were lost in the general excitement of leaving the River Still Valley in wet, muddy and slippery conditions.


Somehow, ( one of those unaccountable symmetries ) one was reminded of the Bosman housewarming party in October 1951, when leaving guests became stuck after a heavy downpour and could only dislodge themselves after much exertion. Bosman died the day after.


It seems that a few things are thus still required to achieve a semblance of completion.


All forms of feedback ( print as well as photographic ) will therefore be eagerly attended to and appreciated.


Thanks for the feedback we have already received.


Specific comments on :


1          The programme generally


2          The meals (menu)


3          Your accommodation facilities and


4          Participation in the Bosman school project and other commitments, will considerably aid us in planning from here.


5          Indication concerning membership.


We intend putting it on our website www.marico.co.za to facilitate exchange of ideas.


If you were in a group, and we only have your contact e-mail address, please forward this newsletter to the rest of your group, and cc me with their addresses


Looking forward to hear from you,


Santa van Bart


Herman Charles Bosman Literary Society


Groot Marico


 A Row of pebbles


Feedback from the Bosman Weekend


Dear Santa and Egbert and the rest of the HCB Committee


This was our first Festival experience.  And what an unforgetful experience it turned out to be.   Thank you so much for all your hard work and for letting us share in an unforgetful experience.  Comparisons with other festivals are somewhat contrived.  What I however found to be unique about the  HCB Festival was a combination of a number of factors, some of which I find difficult to verbalise.  The more obvious one's are:



For fear of inadvertently over -accentuating trivialities,  I  am somewhat loath to participate in the requested evaluation.  On the other hand I also appreciate the practical need as well as the opportunity provided for providing feedback.


 1 The programme generally

I found the mix of story-telling, drama, philosophising, lecture, practical input and informal 'koffie-networking' well-balanced.  I liked the inclusion of music (although, I must admit, that I found the musician's stage manners somewhat self-absorbing and out of sync with the general atmosphere and culture of the event- this should however neither be construed as a complaint, nor as a failure- the music itself was poignant and evocative)  

other recomendations:

2. The meals (menu)

Absolutely fabulous- especially the potjie.  A minor problem encountered, was the absence of sufficient drinking water.  But maybe us city slickers are too sensitive about drinking water out of a tap. It would have been nice to have been able to enjoy a drink at supper and after the show.  Maybe a cash bar ??  Whilst the Bosman terrain is unique in it's setting, the elevation and scattered rocks may make it inaccessible for the infirm or elderly (my mother is keen to come, but would have battled to move about after her hip-replacement operation.

3 Your accommodation facilities

was fine/ no complaints whatsoever

4 Participation in the Bosman school project andother commitments

Although I possess no building skills and see myself more as a 'labourer' (albeit with a bad back) rather than as an artisan.  I pledge my assistance at a work camp.  Please just let us know well in advance, to enable us to plan ahead .

Should there be a need to extend membership to new 'faces', I would also be able to do publicity in Mafikeng. 

5 Indication concerning membership.

We would like to become members.  Please let us know what membership entails.


Many regards


Jobst Bodenstein


A Row of pebbles


Dear Santa

I just want to thank you for a DELIGHTFUL WEEK END. I enjoyed every
minute of it and I realyl do appreciatehow hard you must have worked.
All the best


A Row of pebbles

Dear Santa
Just a quick note to thank you and Egbert for your superb organisation
and for making us feel so welcome. You and your team did an outstanding
job and the only question is: how can you do better next year? You've
already reached the pinnacle!
Again, my thanks. Warmest regards to Egbert (Rudo wants to have a good
chat to him next time!).

A Row of pebbles

Beste Santa


Ek wil net baie dankie s vir die wonderlike en interessante naweek saam met julle. Ek is so bendruk met wat julle klein spannetjie daar regkry!  En dankie dat julle vir my verblyf betaal het, ek waardeer dit baie. 


Ek is verlede week vroeg Donderdagoggend weg uit die Kaap om ook skrywers in Pretoria te sien, en dis net verstommend hoe baie e-posse mens inwag na jy net 2 dae nie op kantoor was nie! So Maandag en gister was erg druk hier om net weer by te kom met alles.


Kan jy ook vir my info stuur oor die Herman Charles Bosman Literary Society? As mense dalk wil aansluit, ens.


Ek hoop ons sien mekaar weer vorentoe!






A Row of pebbles


Santa, Egbert, Arno,  Koos en alle helpers,


As 'n mens die uitstekende organisasie, 'hogere' kultuur, 'oorspronklike (gebottelde)' kultuur, Maricojaanse gasvryheid, entoesiasme, 5* menu, moerkoffie, vriendskap, en somaar alles anders bymekaar tel, was dit 'n MOERSE naweek wat beslis herhaal moet word.


Veels geluk en nogmaals baie dankie.


Ed Retief


A Row of pebbles


Dear Santa

 Sincere thanks to you and your crew for an enjoyable and  well planned
 Bosman weekend.  We thoroughly enjoyed everything.

 Grateful thanks and best wishes to you, Egbert and Groot Marico at large.

  Loretta Oosthuizen.

A Row of pebbles




I really enjoyed my weekend at Groot Marico thoroughly immersed in the folklore and learning of Herman Charles Bosman.


Thank you for your efforts and hard work.


My family would love to come next year, so would it be too early to book two double rooms at River Still?

Let me know if you want a holding deposit, and Ill pay it into your account straight away!






A Row of pebbles

Dear Santa,


Thanks for the lovely week end, we had a super time even if we did not make the Sunday am. The farmers must be delighted with the rains !


PS Do you know this handsome man ???



Festivities at the Bosman Terrain in Groot-marico

Warm Regards


Neville Robinson

A Row of pebbles

Hallo Santa,

Hiermee wil ek ook graag baie, baie dankie s vir 'n fantastiese.....
naweek!!!!!!! Ek was saam met Ronel van Zyl se groep, en ek moet s dit
was 'n belewenis. Jy moes baie hard agter die skerms gewerk het om alles
te rel en te organiseer en te lt gebeur. Dit het my sommer 'n energie
gegee om weer deel daarvan te wees volgende jaar en ook deel te neem as
dit moet. Die verblyf was ook baie goed by Little Eden, ...


Die hoogtepunt was natuurlik ook die "resies" teen modder Sondag
toe ons huistoe wou gaan, dis nou die bult uit van River Still. Dis
sulke dinge wat mens ook 'n naweek laat onthou en opwindend maak. S vir
die manne wat die ren en koue moes trotseer, sonder ontbyt, ons
waardeer dit baie, ons hoop hulle bly gesond na die nattigheid!!!!!

Groete, Roelien Marchant

A Row of pebbles


Dear Santa


This is just to say thank you for a really lovely weekend.






A Row of pebbles


Hallo Santa


Baie dankie vir die heerlike naweek waar ons deel van julle pragtige omgewing kon wees. Met die wonderlike reen gister was dit nogal seker 'n anti-klimaks met almal wat net in hulle karre geklim en gery het - ons inkluis. Ek wil graag deel word van die vereeniging en sal ook graag by die werksnaweke betrokke wou raak. Laat weet wat is die prosedure.


Ek weet die naweek is baie bedrywig maar is dit dalk moontlik vir 'n kerkdiens op die Sondag al is dit by River Still en net kort?


Baie sterkte met julle werk by die gemeenskap dit mag dalk nie altyd so voel nie maar dit maak wel 'n verskil al is dit net 'n kleintjie.


Groete Carin


A Row of pebbles

Beste Santa

Aan jou, Egbert, Koos, Arno en die res van julle span, baie dankie vir die
wonderlike geleentheid en ervaring wat julle hierdie naweek aangebied het.
Die Bosman en Bosveld herinneringe waarmee ons weg is sal ons lank bybly.
Voorspoed met julle planne!

A.g.v. die ren gister en almal se rondhardlopery aan die end het ek nie my
uitstaande balans met jou geskik nie.  Ek het my besigheidskaartjie met
hierdie boodskap met jou kollega gelaat.

My balans van R320.00 (R300 vir Doornkraal akkommodasie; R20 vir twee "rugby
boetes"!) word vandag in julle FNB bankrekening gedeponeer.  Die
deposito-strokie sal later vandag aan jou gefaks word.

Ek verstaan dat Riverstill nie 'n epos adres het nie.  Doen ons asb. 'n
guns - stuur asb. vir hulle ons waardering en dankie vir die grootmoedige
wyse waarop hulle hulp verleen het om ons almal deur die modder te kry.  Die
ervaring het sy eie addisionele dimensie aan die naweek gebring!

Vriendelike groete

Hendrik en Bridget Brand

A Row of pebbles

Hi Santa & Egbert


Baie groete van 'n koue en nat Pretoria!


Dankie vir weereens 'n ongelooflike naweek! Ons het dit baie geniet.
Die vertonings, praatjies en samesprekings was uit die boeke uit.
Ons wil ook net graag in besonder baie dankie se vir die heerlike kos en
die wonderlike boeretroos wat Egbert geskink het.


Ons het groot waardering vir al julle harde werk en die groot organisasie van die naweek.


Die man met die ghitaar moes liewer net by sing gehou het en nie die gehoor beledig het
met sy vinger tekens en vloek woorde nie of miskien moes ons geskreeu het "Hoor hoor Manie??".
Indruk het hy wel gemaak. ;-)


Ons het heerlik gebly by Little Eden en met boere saamwerk onbeperk al 9 deur die badkamer gekry Vrydag en Saterdagaand, maar Sondag-oggend moes ons ook Sophie en Diederick se badkamer deel.


Dankie vir die donkie kar rit!! Ons stadjapies het nog nooit so 'n geleentheid gehad nie.

Ons stadjapies sal die naweek vir lank onthou! Ons was baie bly ons Clio kon gister teen River Still se modder pad uitklim. Baie dankie vir Arno en al sy helpers, wat vir ons aanwysings gegee het en gecheer het.


Baie baie dankie!! Ons kom beslis weer!! Ons het elke oomblik geniet.


Doe so voort!!


Anton & Ronel van Zyl

A Row of pebbles


Hi Santa, just a few inadequate words to express our sincere thanks to you and your whole team for such a splendid weekend. My friend Colin and I were made to feel welcome from the moment we arrived, in no sense did we feel that just because we were from Joburg that we were to be looked down on by you funny Marico folk! From the welcome all the way through to our rescue by the tractor on the climb from River Still (we weren't the only ones, of that I am sure!!) we had a most memorable weekend. You can be sure that we shall spread the good word and look forward to joining you again next year.


Thanks for everything: the hard work, good humour, great food, great company, great mampoer!


Peter Tobin and Colin Rowley.


A Row of pebbles

Dear Santa,

 Thank YOU and all your helpers for a really wonderful weekend. We thought
 your planning for this one was excellent. We did enjoy all that was on offer
 and so enjoyed ALL the wonderful meals. We unfortunately decided that we
 could not partake of the final day's offerings due to the weather.

However,  we drove home to Gabs in pouring rain all the way to the border where we
met  a bitter wind. The rain was so welcome for us all that if it "spoilt" the
 last day's activities, we will forgive the Good Lord for that!!!

 We met such interesting and companionable people during the weekend as
there  was, as usual, such a good atmosphere about the place. We love the plans
and  ideas that you and your committee have for the future and have marked off
in our diary for the Festival next year!!!

 Best wishes to you all for your plans for the Literary Society and Groot
 Marico and again, many thanks for the memorable weekend.


A Row of pebbles


Beste Santa


Net `n vinnige e-pos om dankie te s vir `n heerlike naweek.  Dit was `n ongelooflike ervaring en die bottel mampoer wat in my kar uitgeloop het sal my nog lank aan die naweek herinner.  Ek wil graag betrokke raak by die vereniging en veral by die werksnaweke so ek sal enige inligting wardeer.  Groete en ek hoop julle het al herstel.


Marlett Wentzel

A Row of pebbles


Dear Santa, Egbert, Koos, Arno and all others involved in the HCBLC!
 Thank you very much for a most delightful weekend. Steve and I thoroughly
 enjoyed ourselves and would like to continue our support of the society.
 Please stay in touch, informing us of all developments, so that we can
 remain involved.
 Please also pass on our thanks to Danie Steyn. He was most hospitable and
 made us feel very welcome.

 Colleen and Steve Traviss-Lea

A Row of pebbles


Dear Santa


Just a word of thanks for all your hard work in planning the last weekend's events. We were very impressed and did enjoy it all. What a pity it rained so hard yesterday morning. We were very worried about the road becoming too muddy so lsft quickly after Patrick's reading. I hope that you didn't have to pull too many people up the hill. One suggestion I would like to make is that you use the local school buildings on the Sunday as then you would have shelter and the access would be a lot easier in any weather.


As we missed the summing up and the suggestion stage, we would like to hear what was discussed at that stage. Please let us know when you have a chance.




Frances Butler

A Row of pebbles


Santa en die hele bestuur
 Baie dankie vir 'n wonderlike naweek... vir die reelings... die pragtige
 programme... die kos en die moerkoffie..... alles was 'n fees wat almal
 terdee geniet het.   Ons wil veral vir Koos en sy wit en swart  helpers ,
 wat so blymoedig in die reen ons die glypad uitgegids het, 'n besondere
 dankie  stuur.
 Hou ons asseblief op die hoogte van julle beplanning vir volgende jaar.
 Groete en baie sterkte.
 Jim and Susan Cameron

A Row of pebbles











A Row of pebbles


Beste Santa,

Terug in die "beskawing" kyk ek deur my foto's van die naweek,
geneem met my beskaafde digitale kamera, terwyl ek luister na my
beskaafde Beethoven. Mre moet ek terug na my beskaafde werk.

Ek voel soos wanneer ek van 'n staptoer af terugkom, soos 'n
schizofreen. Is dit alles van n wreld: julle, die Marico, Bosman,
Patrick; n hierdie teer-en-verkeer plek?

BAIE dankie vir 'n weereens-onvergeetbare naweek! Julle is wragtig
gawe mense.

S asseblief dankie aan Egbert vir sy ewige en vriendelike koffie, en
ook aan Jolene, Jacques, Koos, al die ander wie se name ek nie ken
nie; en ook aan die klomp Duitsertjies wat so knaend borde gewas het!

Ons bewonder jou energie, organisasievermo en innemende manier
van doen.

Johan & Barbara Viljoen


A Row of pebbles

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